AmaElla Ethical Lingerie Founders Lara San Gil Julie Kervadec at Amberoot

When two best friends, who just so happened to be fashion insiders, decided to create a brand that represented themselves and their values, they were keen to right the wrongs of other fashion brands they had seen during their time in the industry.

Shocked by the exploitation of workers, suppliers and the environment in fashion the pair had seen first hand, they landed on the idea of creating beautifully elegant and premium lingerie made from organic cotton, which isn’t so easy to come by… and so AmaElla was born.

Today, the brand has a small but beautiful range of magnificently adorable organic lingerie and pyjamas with a far lower environmental footprint than traditional means. 

All of AmaElla’s goods are made by two ethical manufacturers, one in Britain–which supports young women aiming to begin careers in the fashion industry–and one in Portugal–a GOTS certified manufacturer protecting the rich textile heritage of the area by employing local, skilled women.

Add this to the fact that every last trim and lace is made from GOTS organic cotton and OEKE-TEX 100 approved materials, you can be safe in the knowledge that every aspect of the AmaElla brand comes with a sustainable seal of approval.


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