Finding Freedom in Minimalism

Today’s society uses the equivalent of 1.6 planets to provide the resources for its current use. The gleefully destructive character in Steve Cutts animation illustrates where we are heading. But many of us don’t want it to be this way, and for environmental, ethical and, or financial reasons, we are choosing to consume less and

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Ümran Aysan

Umran Aysan Black and White Print Tencel Box Dress at Amberoot

London based designer, Ümran Aysan followed years of working in the fashion industry with the decision that her artistic pursuit and ethical principles must live in harmony, and so, a brand was born. The unique collection, inspired by the Aegean region of Turkey, is testament to the cool breeze and bright spirit of the coastline,

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Oshadi's Light Blue Culottes Trousers at Amberoot

OSHADI marries traditional Indian heritage with the modernity of editorial fashion. Founded by 22-year-old, Nishanth Chopra and designed in collaboration with Richard Malone, who graduated from Central Saint Martin’s and worked for Versace & LVMH, it’s no wonder the clothes have such a high-end flavour. OSHADI’s definitive silhouettes weave the complementary indigo hues, coral pinks

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Lemuel MC

Lemuel MC spacious linen dress maternity light grey @Amberoot

Lemuel MC speaks of effortless Sunday mornings dressing for meandering country walks with loved ones. Founded by Siberian born textile graduate and creative mind, Marta Cernovskaja, the sustainable brand blossomed from her wish for infallible fashion staples that you can love and depend on for decades. Marta’s classic collection is handmade in London from 100%

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