The Environmental Impact of Leather

Leather is a sustainable choice – it is natural and makes use of byproducts from the meat industry…right? Not necessarily. Leather is often described as a byproduct of the meat industry. Yet buying leather makes the killing of animals more economically viable, since animal’s hide (skin) represents approximately 10% of the value of the cow.

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Hoodlamb – Men’s Green Long Sleeve Jacket Shirt @ Amberoot

Hoodlamb is a world-leading brand producing clothing from the strongest and most extraordinary fibre, hemp. One of Amberoot’s favourite fibre’s too, hemp requires no pesticides and only 3% of the water cotton would use, whilst providing double the fibre yield of cotton per hectare. Concentrating on designs that speak equally of both functionality and style,

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Elvis & Kresse

Elvis & Kresse Messenger Bag @ Amberoot

The story of Elvis & Kresse is the story of a material worth saving. Beginning in 2005, just before the decommissioned London fire-hoses were surrendered to the landfill, the resilient, heroic material was called upon once again. Applying the best craftsmanship and design to rework this incredible resource, Elvis & Kresse transform forgotten hoses into

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