Hoodlamb – Men’s Green Long Sleeve Jacket Shirt @ Amberoot

Hoodlamb is a world-leading brand producing clothing from the strongest and most extraordinary fibre, hemp. One of Amberoot’s favourite fibre’s too, hemp requires no pesticides and only 3% of the water cotton would use, whilst providing double the fibre yield of cotton per hectare. Concentrating on designs that speak equally of both functionality and style,

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Elvis & Kresse

Elvis & Kresse Messenger Bag @ Amberoot

The story of Elvis & Kresse is the story of a material worth saving. Beginning in 2005, just before the decommissioned London fire-hoses were surrendered to the landfill, the resilient, heroic material was called upon once again. Applying the best craftsmanship and design to rework this incredible resource, Elvis & Kresse transform forgotten hoses into

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Motumo – Lime Green Linen Dress @ Amberoot

Motumo synthesizes nature’s organic forms with the ever-changing demands of urban life. The result is an inspiring collection of definitive, yet unexpected designs that offer the utmost in comfort, whilst maintaining a tailored, elegant silhouette. Motumo’s sustainable clothing adheres to the most stringent production standards and practices. Harnessing the vital power of linen, which designer

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My Lithuanian Home

MLH – Linen Robe @ Amberoot

My Lithuanian Home has been crafting artisan-inspired designs for our homes since 2009. The beautiful, effortless homeware includes hand-knitted blankets, fresh linen bedspreads, and comfy slippers. MLH believes in fostering fair and sustainable relationships, sourcing their products responsibly and creating them using the most traditional and natural methods possible. We know that home really is

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