Fashion Films: River Blue

RiverBlue Fashion Films Article Series at Amberoot Textile Jeans Toxic Polluted Citarum River in Indonesia 3

Even if you are not into pleasures of getting your feet wet in the rivers 😄… your life is nonetheless dependent on thousands of rivers staying healthy and running their course. Rivers carry water and nutrients to farm fields, keep habitats beautiful, are used in transportation and energy production. However, the irresponsible fashion industry is

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Most Ethical Fashion Marketplace is Amberoot, Says Ethical Consumer Magazine

Amazon Alternative - Amberoot 1

We are truly thrilled to let you know that Ethical Consumer Magazine has just ranked Amberoot as the best place to shop for clothes. Amberoot took the position of the most ethical purely fashion focused marketplace after having been evaluated in such areas as Environment, Animals, People, Politics, Company Ethos and Product Sustainability. We only

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Future of Fashion: Spider Silk & Mushroom Leather – Bolt Threads

Spider Silk and Mylo Mushroom Leather Bolt Threads Future of Fashion at Amberoot @Kevin Tiell.

We are incredibly glad to introduce you to a very cool company – Bolt Threads. Among their achievements so far was a successful commercialisation of spider silk and Mylo mushroom leather. Spider silk is exceptionally strong, lightweight, stretchable, soft and biodegradable (a primary criteria for all Spidermen choosing fibres helping them save the world). Although

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