PETA Certification

PETA Certification Logo at Amberoot

Could you tell me in a few sentences, what is the PETA certification? Every day, we hear from consumers who want to be able to identify vegan products at a glance while shopping, and using the “PETA-Approved Vegan” logo is the perfect way for progressive, compassionate businesses to reach them. What is the process of

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Sanikai – A Gust Of Fresh Alpine Air

Sanikai - Agata Handwoven Ramie Blouse at Amberoot (8)

Sanikai is a rare Swiss gem. Being the first Switzerland’s ethical and vegan fashion brand Sanikai does take quality in fashion to the whole new level. Their garments are ethically produced in a small family owned factory Dresdensia near Lugano, Switzerland. The allure for garments is intangible: precise craftsmanship and beautiful timeless designs. The look

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