Future of Fashion: Innovative Fabric – Mango Materials

Mango Materials Co-Founder Anne Schauer Gimenez at Copenhagen Fashion Summit for Future of Fashion Article Series at Amberoot

Mango Materials produces biopolyester from a naturally occurring biopolymer from methane. By transforming waste biogas streams into eco-friendly, biodegradable materials at competitive economics they created a sustainable alternative fibre to a petroleum based synthetic polyester fabric. 1) So, what is Mango Materials and how do you create it? Mango Materials is a startup company that wants

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Future of Fashion: Innovative BioLeather: Zoa by Modern Meadow

Future of Fashion Article Series at Amberoot - Innovative BioLeather Zoa by Modern Meadow Zoa - Close up of grain MoMA Tshirt Credit Sara Kinney

Modern Meadow is a New York based company growing animal-free, animal materials. Through DNA editing, non-animal cells are designed to produce collagen, the predominant protein found in animal skin. The collagen is then grown, purified, and biofabricated to create materials with the same natural building blocks that make up traditional leather. Freed from the structure of

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