Sanikai – A Gust Of Fresh Alpine Air

Sanikai - Agata Handwoven Ramie Blouse at Amberoot (8)

Sanikai is a rare Swiss gem. Being the first Switzerland’s ethical and vegan fashion brand Sanikai does take quality in fashion to the whole new level. Their garments are ethically produced in a small family owned factory Dresdensia near Lugano, Switzerland. The allure for garments is intangible: precise craftsmanship and beautiful timeless designs. The look

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Future of Fashion: Innovative Dyeing Using Microorganisms – Pili

Future of Fashion: Innovative Dyeing Using Microorganisms - Pili Bio @ Amberoot

1) tell me what Pili is and how you create it? At PILI we use microorganisms to fabricate colourful dyes at the most environmentally friendly labs ever. We literally biosynthesize dyes from sugar using fermentation processes without any nasty solvents or the need to heat at high temperatures. Once biosynthesized the pigments are filtered out leaving the microorganisms

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Future of Fashion: Innovative Fabric – Mango Materials

Mango Materials Co-Founder Anne Schauer Gimenez at Copenhagen Fashion Summit for Future of Fashion Article Series at Amberoot

Mango Materials produces biopolyester from a naturally occurring biopolymer from methane. By transforming waste biogas streams into eco-friendly, biodegradable materials at competitive economics they created a sustainable alternative fibre to a petroleum based synthetic polyester fabric. 1) So, what is Mango Materials and how do you create it? Mango Materials is a startup company that wants

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