Future of Fashion: Innovative BioLeather: Zoa by Modern Meadow

Future of Fashion Article Series at Amberoot - Innovative BioLeather Zoa by Modern Meadow Zoa - Close up of grain MoMA Tshirt Credit Sara Kinney

Modern Meadow is a New York based company growing animal-free, animal materials. Through DNA editing, non-animal cells are designed to produce collagen, the predominant protein found in animal skin. The collagen is then grown, purified, and biofabricated to create materials with the same natural building blocks that make up traditional leather. Freed from the structure of

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Future of Fashion: Innovative Fabric – Mestic Fibre

Future of Fashion Article Series at Amberoot - Innovative Fabric - Mestic® Cow Manure Photo by Mike Roelofs 5

Most people consider cow manure as waste. Jalila Essaidi would disagree. Her company has patented the method to directly convert animal manure waste into new materials such as bio- textiles, plastic and paper. Since cow manure contains cellulose, there is an opportunity to extract raw material from manure into new biodegradable products. Through this process, methane gas production is reduced and contamination of soil and water by phosphate and nitrate is prevented. Read on to learn more about this transformation.

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The Future of Fashion: Algiknit – Kelp Fibre

Future of Fashion Article Series @Amberoot- Innovative Fibre - AlgiKnit, Copyright Kew Gardens

Kelp is one of the fastest growing organisms on earth and is readily available worldwide. By creating knit yarn from kelp (Laminaria Digitata) Algiknit aims to build a sustainable biodegradable fiber alternative to today’s domineering petrochemical textiles. Meet AlgiKnit. 1) So, what is AlgiKnit and how do you create it? AlgiKnit grew out of BioEsters; the first

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