Future of Fashion: Spider Silk & Mushroom Leather – Bolt Threads

Spider Silk and Mylo Mushroom Leather Bolt Threads Future of Fashion at Amberoot @Kevin Tiell.

We are incredibly glad to introduce you to a very cool company – Bolt Threads. Among their achievements so far was a successful commercialisation of spider silk and Mylo mushroom leather. Spider silk is exceptionally strong, lightweight, stretchable, soft and biodegradable (a primary criteria for all Spidermen choosing fibres helping them save the world). Although

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Ecolabel Certification

EU EcoLabel FallInLove Logo at Amberoot

What is the Eco label certification? The label rewards innovative products which are durable, repairable, low carbon, with limited chemical emissions and increased recycled content, among other features. On top of that he ‘circular approach’ is integral to the label’s strict product criteria. In particular for textiles, The EU Ecolabel aims to improve the production

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GreenScreen Certification

Green Screen Logo - Chemical Free Fashion at Amberoot

Could you tell me in a few sentences, what is the GreenScreen Certificate? GreenScreen Certified™ is a new certification standard that promotes the use of inherently safer chemicals in products. The certification meets increasing demand for: a) safer chemicals in manufacturing and/or products and b) a simple platform that enables the communication of safer chemicals

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PETA Certification

PETA Certification Logo at Amberoot

Could you tell me in a few sentences, what is the PETA certification? Every day, we hear from consumers who want to be able to identify vegan products at a glance while shopping, and using the “PETA-Approved Vegan” logo is the perfect way for progressive, compassionate businesses to reach them. What is the process of

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