Fashion Films: Stink!

Film Stink Toxic Chemicals in Textiles and Clothing Fashion Films Article Series at Amberoot 1

what got you into filmmaking? Pajamas. One Christmas I bought my daughter pajamas online and when I opened the package it had peculiar odor. So I called the company to make sure they were safe and they completely stone walled me. I was angry that a company wouldn’t give me the information I needed to

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Fashion Films: River Blue

RiverBlue Fashion Films Article Series at Amberoot Textile Jeans Toxic Polluted Citarum River in Indonesia 3

Even if you are not into pleasures of getting your feet wet in the rivers 😄… your life is nonetheless dependent on thousands of rivers staying healthy and running their course. Rivers carry water and nutrients to farm fields, keep habitats beautiful, are used in transportation and energy production. However, the irresponsible fashion industry is

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