Fine Cell Work

Fine Cell Work - Heart and Birds Cushion @Amberoot

Fine Cell Work believes that a steady home must be built from the ground up, and you can craft this future with your very own hands. With such a philosophy in mind, they empower prisoners, who likely never had such an opportunity, to become masterful, paid needle workers. FCW’s important social enterprise has nurtured a group of committed artists who have been commissioned by the likes of V&A, English Heritage, Tate Modern and The National Gallery. The dignified work fosters the hope, financial means and self worth vital for life beyond prison. The FCW cushions are delicately crafted from strong, sustainable linen and hessian, then filled with responsibly sourced duck down (no live plucking and no force feeding practised). The designs range from classic stripes, to eclectic embroidered pineapples. Around 100 hours goes into making each cushion, time spent expertly applying a range of embroidery techniques, including striking rows of shells emerging from intricate French knots. As artists, prisoners seek the best ways to correct the mistakes and downfalls in their work in order to drive passionately towards the finished piece. With FCW, prisoners are not simply embroidering cushions but creating a portfolio they can draw from for the rest of their lives. The art of needlework provides a moment of escape from the four walls of prison life, and every cushion purchased lets somebody know that there are people on the outside who care about them, and there is hope.

Below is just one personal story on how Fine Cell Work has helped.

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