Happy New Year and What Did 2017 Meant for Amberoot

Happy New Year 2018 Amberoot

Happy New Year! Hope that year 2018 will bring lots of joy and well-being to you and those around you!

We also wanted to thank to all our customers and friends who have made this year worth celebrating! This year has been an important year for Amberoot in pursuing the goal of improving the polluting industry of fashion. Our strive for the environmentally friendly, ethical and transparent apparel has brought us these achievements so far:

  1. 15 new brands. We are super excited to sell menswear, womenswear and home accessories of the leading global brands, such as Hoodlamb, KnowledgeCotton Apparel, Elvis & Kresse and to have a rich variety of up and coming bursting with energy new brands such as Silvia Giovanardi, Lemuel MC, AmaElla and others. You can find the stories of all brands on Amberoot here and shop them here. They all excel in the environmental and ethical (people & animals) areas globally.
  2. We became the first online multi-brand retailer worldwide to provide supply chain maps for almost every product we sell (remaining products will have a map by the end of Jan). You can see in detail where every ingredient for the product comes from. Check any product page to see how we walk the talk in selling products which are truly eco-friendly, ethical and transparent.
  3. Our goal to divest from fossil fuels in the industry is progressing too. We have a wider range of non- synthetic fabric clothing and feature materials such as linen, hemp, organic cotton, milk fabric, soy fabric and many others.
  4. We had a good exposure for our passionate and informative articles. A must read article of the year 2017 was about the issues connected with synthetic clothing (whether recycled or not). If you didn’t yet have a chance to read it – you can do so here.
  5. We (and you!) continue supporting environmental grassroots organisations worldwide through One Percent For The Planet business membership.

We are looking towards an even better year of 2018! It can only get better when we have the support and warmth coming from people like you.

Have a great year!

Best wishes,

The Amberoot team

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