Hoodlamb – Men’s Green Long Sleeve Jacket Shirt @ Amberoot

Hoodlamb is a world-leading brand producing clothing from the strongest and most extraordinary fibre, hemp. One of Amberoot’s favourite fibre’s too, hemp requires no pesticides and only 3% of the water cotton would use, whilst providing double the fibre yield of cotton per hectare. Concentrating on designs that speak equally of both functionality and style, Hoodlamb believes in pioneering fashion that can be made, and worn, in harmony with a healthy environment. Born out of the wish for comfortable and protective clothing after a long day surfing the raucous waves of the North Sea, only the finest organic cotton, hemp and recycled materials are used in apparel that is ready for the toughest environment. Hoodlamb has recently become a fellow member of 1% For The Planet, which means that 1% of their total sales is donated to various environmental grassroots organisations around the world. For over twenty years, Hoodlamb have remained true to their sincere ambition; family-owned farms, factories and mills are handpicked for their excellent working conditions, longstanding tradition and craftsmanship to create the sustainable collection. A collection that, like nature’s harvest, is made only once a year to protect the environment and craft clothing that is worth the wait.

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