Meet Gintare

Q41A3789I started Amberoot after a decade in banking and after years of studying business in Lithuania, Canada and Sweden, as well as working internationally in Denmark, UK and the USA. I eventually wanted to use my knowledge to move away from the banking world and to impact the world in a more meaningful and beneficial way. In short I just could not sit there an watch the things I love and care about be mistreated, discarded. I had to act.

I aimed to create a company based on a simple, sustainable ethos: a system that values people and the planet. Moreover I wanted to allow people to make ethical choices with trust and ease, by curating and sharing a collection of versatile, timeless and beautiful objects – with sustainable stories to tell.

My roots began amid vast lakes and abundant meadows, in Lithuania. It was inevitable that I would acquire an appreciation of nature after growing up in such remarkable surroundings. It often seems that sadly there is a gaping rift between nature and the chaotic, branded landscape of modern life. A connection with nature is needed to make us feel grounded, at home, calm.

I live by the sea in Brighton, UK with my partner and two budgies, one of which I took in after finding her lost and recklessly wondering through the streets of central London. I enjoy films, wild swimming, hiking, gardening and animals.