Sanikai – A Gust Of Fresh Alpine Air

Sanikai - Agata Handwoven Ramie Blouse at Amberoot (8)

Sanikai is a rare Swiss gem. Being the first Switzerland’s ethical and vegan fashion brand Sanikai does take quality in fashion to the whole new level. Their garments are ethically produced in a small family owned factory Dresdensia near Lugano, Switzerland. The allure for garments is intangible: precise craftsmanship and beautiful timeless designs. The look and feel of clothes do indeed seem like a gust of fresh air from Swiss mountain tops. Mostly undyed, clean white geometric and organic forms are surely meant to make the wearer feel both comfortable and graceful.

Sanikai uses exclusive fabrics, such as organic cotton, organic linen and ramie. In fact the latter fabric is the reason why we decided to work with Sanikai in the first place. At Amberoot we truly believe that the diversity of biodegradable fabrics is a pathway to a healthy planet and healthy us. Biodiversity is not only healthy, good for well-being, but is also just simply – beautiful, thus we must do all we can to support it. Ramie plant also known as a China Grass is resistant to bacterial, mildew, rotting and insect attack therefore it does not require chemicals to grow. Laundering does not shrink or weakens the fabric but only improves its smoothness. Yet, production of plant into fiber can use chemicals and can be labour and energy intensive. Sanikai’s Co-Founder Wes is half Japanese and thus sourced the quality handwoven ramie fabric from Japan. Learn more about Ramie here. We are also very excited about the organic linen that Sanikai uses, since linen is undoubtedly at the top of the most environmentally friendly and biodiversity encouraging fabrics in existence.

Timeless angelic designs, luxe fabrics combined with Swiss perfectionism is what makes and will make Sanikai’s garments tick for many many years to come.

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