Izzy Lane – Rescued Sheep Wool Mens Jumper


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Izzy Lane – Rescued Sheep Wool Mens Jumper


This rescued sheep undyed wool grimsby crew jumper for men is perhaps the most animal friendly and warm jumper one can find. It is knitted on a hand-frame loom using the wool of Shetland and Wensleydale sheep from the designer’s own farm. Isobel Davies, the vegetarian founder of the label and shrewd organic and ethical food and fashion business woman has rescued around 2000 sheep from slaughter. They will live out their whole natural lives roaming freely, feeling loved and being cared for on her farm. This jumper, throughout the entire process of creation, is designed to keep your body and soul warm.



Environmental Aspects

– Unded natural wool.

– Grown, spun and knitted in the UK.

Ethical Aspects

– Izzy Lane excels in animal welfare & ethics. She has so far rescued about 2000 animals from slaughter. The founder, Isobel Davies, being a vegetarian herself wanted to let animals live out their whole natural lives on her farm. Izzy Lane is raising awareness and campaigns for the improvement of animal rights in the industry.

– Izzy Lane supports local British industry and provides full traceability for the wool.

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Materials & Care

100% Shetland and Wensleydale wool from the Izzy Lane flock.

Hand wash or gentle cold water wash recommended.



Isobel Davies, the founder of Izzy Lane brand is a business woman with substantial ethical, organic food and fashion experience. With her label Isobel has so far rescued about 2000 animals from slaughter. Being a vegetarian and a lover of animals she wanted to provide them with their forever free-roaming homes. Izzy Lane brand raises awareness and campaigns for animal rights in the fashion industry. Izzy Lane brand also supports the decaying British wool industry and is able to provide a fully tracable wool. Shes has been awarded numerous awards, such as the RSPCA Good Business Awards, Daily Mirror Animal Heroes Awards, Global Sustainable Luxury Awards and more.

Find out more about Izzy Lane here.

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