KnowledgeCotton Apparel – Fabric Dyed Chino Pants


KnowledgeCotton Apparel – Fabric Dyed Chino Pants


These slim fit Chino pants is something dreams are made of. They have a convenient stretch material, comes with two side pockets and zip fly all to ensure great comfort while looking smart and confident.

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Environmental Aspects

– Though just 3% of Elastane is used, just as any synthetic fabric it does contribute to synthetic microfiber shedding, which is the largest source of plastic pollution in oceans, seas, rivers and lakes.

– There are several environmental issues with clothing containing synthetic fabrics elastane, polyester, spandex, lycra, acrylic. One of them is microfiber shedding in our waterways when laundered. These synthetic/plastic microfibers do not biodegrade and thus are and will be harmful for ecosystems and our health for hundreds of years. For this reason at Amberoot we DO NOT sell clothing containing more than 5% of any of these synthetic fabrics. Learn more here.

– The GOTS certification means that all stages of production have been checked by accredited inspectors and ensures high environmentally responsible manufacturing standards.

– Knowledge Cotton Apparel uses only non-toxic dyestuffs and modern dye houses focused on minimising water usage and responsible waste water treatment. All dyes are approved by GOTS.

– This product is built to last! Durability is a hugely important aspect of sustainability.

Ethical Aspects

– The product is GOTS certified meaning all stages of production have been checked by accredited inspectors and meet high socially responsible manufacturing standards.

– Company has worked with their Turkish manufacturing partners since the beginning. These factories are certified by a 3rd party social CSR standard.

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Materials & Care

97% GOTS Organic Cotton and 3% Elastane. Wash at 30 degrees.


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If shipping to the USA customs and import duties and fees, taxes and any other charges are pre-paid by Amberoot.

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