DD Clocks – White Gypsum Clock


DD Clocks – White Gypsum Clock @ Amberoot
DD Clocks – White Gypsum Clock @ Amberoot

DD Clocks – White Gypsum Clock


We absolutely love this DD clock. An authentic combination of fresh-faced purity, aesthetics and logic. Resembling a background piece from an Italian Fellini film, this clock invites tranquillity whilst remaining mysterious. Delectable and unsurpassed elegance made to tick. Please allow 4 weeks for the clock to be crafted after ordering.

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Environmental Aspects

– DD Clocks are made with love mainly from upcycled materials.

Social Aspects

– DD Clocks is a one-man band. Dmitry, the clockmaker, creates each and every clock himself.

Materials & Care

Made from gypsum and metal nails.


35 cm in diameter.


Find out more about DD Clocks here.

Shipping & Returns

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If shipping to the USA customs and import duties and fees, taxes and any other charges are pre-paid by Amberoot.

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