DD Clocks – Wooden Clock


DD Clocks – Wooden Clock @ Amberoot
DD Clocks – Wooden Clock @ Amberoot
DD Clocks – Wooden Curly Numbers Clock @ Amberoot

DD Clocks – Wooden Clock


A gift of nature – this stunning aged, wooden board is evocative of mossy forests. Accented with contrasting red points, like mushrooms sitting at the tree base. The most organic design combined with the mastery of clockmaker Dmitry can definitely bring delight and joy to our homes. Please allow 4 weeks for the clock to be crafted after ordering.

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Environmental Aspects

– DD Clocks are made with love mainly from upcycled materials.

Social Aspects

– DD Clocks is a one-man band. Dmitry, the clockmaker, creates each and every clock himself.

Materials & Care

Made from old wooden board and metal nails.


Size is between 17-25 cm and 40-50cm.


Find out more about DD Clocks here.

Shipping & Returns

Free international traceable shipping. Tracking number is e-mailed to you once the product has been shipped.

If shipping to the USA customs and import duties and fees, taxes and any other charges are pre-paid by Amberoot.

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