Ümran Aysan

Umran Aysan Black and White Print Tencel Box Dress at Amberoot

London based designer, Ümran Aysan followed years of working in the fashion industry with the decision that her artistic pursuit and ethical principles must live in harmony, and so, a brand was born.

The unique collection, inspired by the Aegean region of Turkey, is testament to the cool breeze and bright spirit of the coastline, where ‘the land is fertile and life is effortless’. Aysan’s worldly stance does not overlook the need to sustain and revive ancient traditions; so the preservation of artisans and craftsmanship plays a key role in her design process.

Connoisseur of versatile designs, Aysan’s trademark shift dress is our new go-to piece for both luxury resort wear and stylish workwear. The sustainable fabric of choice, Tencel, is made from the cellulose of wood pulp. With the softness of cotton but without the harmful impact, it even boasts much better breathability as well as a luxurious silky finish.

Her signature box dress is covetable for any occasion, and mimics the fresh sea air of the resort with its lightness and grace. Ümran Aysan is clearly spiritually inspired by the landscape of Turkey, and what better motivation to protect the environment.

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