What to do with your unwanted clothes: earn rewards for them!

Fashion, like any love affair, has its highs and lows. No matter how infatuated you were with that dress when you first met, it might be time to move on – you’ve changed and so must your outfit.

Not surprisingly, 92% of us have clothing in our wardrobes that we don’t wear. So what can you do with that heaving cluster of clothes taking up your entire drawer? There may be a better place for your unwanted garments, a place with dinners out and sunshine and love… Ok, so maybe you’ve worn it to death and your bedraggled shirt is unfit for anybody, there’s still somewhere good it can go, and it’s not the landfill.

Earn rewards for your unwanted clothes


More and more retailers are offering vouchers for returning unwanted clothes to their stores. H&M and Marks and Spencer’s ‘shwopping’ scheme are just a couple of examples of places you can take a bag of old things in return for some money off of your next purchase.


eBay is really simple to use, especially if you upload a bundle of your old stuff at the same time – that’s just one trip to the post office! There’s a great community of buyers out there who will give you favourable ratings for good service and as you sell, your Paypal account will prosper, so you can find some pre-loved goods of your own for a fraction of the retail price.


If you get really into selling and decide you have a coherent collection of vintage hidden in your closet, then it might be worth starting a shop on Etsy. It’s easy to do, and also a great place to find new vintage goods. Preloved is another reputable, more local site for selling, it also has some freebies.

If you’re more of a shopper about town, then taking your things to your favourite vintage store is always a rewarding experience.

Unwanted clothes: earn rewards for vintage clothing @Amberoot

Car Boot

Come one, come all. You can always be more traditional and head on down to a car boot sale. A great way to get rid of lots quickly, you might not get such high selling prices as eBay or Etsy but it’s a good, hassle free way to move stuff fast. Done, gone._

It’s natural to acquire a seasonable or even colossal amount of baggage from life but it doesn’t have to be a burden, and there are so many ways to unload, whilst doing some good in the world.



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