What to do with your unwanted clothes: where and how to swap them?

Unwanted clothing: swap @Amberoot

Fashion, like any love affair, has its highs and lows. No matter how infatuated you were with that dress when you first met, it might be time to move on – you’ve changed and so must your outfit.

Not surprisingly, 92% of us have clothing in our wardrobes that we don’t wear. So what can you do with that heaving cluster of clothes taking up your entire drawer? There may be a better place for your unwanted garments, a place with dinners out and sunshine and love… Ok, so maybe you’ve worn it to death and your bedraggled shirt is unfit for anybody. Yet there’s still somewhere good it can go, and it’s not the landfill.

Swap Clothing

A good excuse for a party, and also an opportunity to snatch up your stylish friends’ unwanted clothes. Set up a Facebook event, pour some wine, invite some friends over and finish the evening with a new wardrobe. And you do not need to spend a penny. Oxfam and Greenpeace also run their own clothes swap events, where you can meet new people and even do some screen-printing while you’re there. Swishing is another good resource for finding swapping events, and even advice on setting up your own.

Unwanted Clothes: Swap @Amberoot

You can be super modern about it and take some ethical fashion advice from the Swedish. Sharewear is an Instagram based incentive which allows you to post pictures of your unwanted clothes with the hashtag #sharewear to donate and share your clothes online. Some of Sweden’s top designers are even using it to allow people to borrow their designs for free.

Unwanted clothes: swap @Amberoot

It’s natural to acquire a seasonable or even colossal amount of baggage from life. Yet it doesn’t have to burden you with so many ways to unload, whilst doing less harm in the world._


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